Within your Shower Space Set up Advice

You will always have a wide range of options when choosing the right style for your shower from Hera Bathware. If you like the classic look of a shower enclosure or are on a budget, a frame shower is the most affordable option. Glass Crafters semi-frameless shower enclosures are preferred for professional installation. It is a clean alternative to bulky shower enclosures with aluminum frame. 

Walk-in Shower Screen

A piece of breathtaking beauty, devoid of swing doors, the Walk In Shower is crafted from a simple yet effective arrangement of standing panels to create a splash-proof haven of light, air, and water in which to relax. There are many advantages to choosing a shower enclosure, of course, there is easy access, but a shower enclosure is usually easier to clean than a small shower enclosure or a shower installed over a bathtub.