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Before delving deeper into the world of freestanding bathtubs, let’s take a look at the invention of bathtubs. In 1883, the first enamel-coated bathtub was created by an American manufacturer, John Michael Kohler. He took a cast-iron horse tub and created a bathtub with four decorative feet and an enamel smooth surface. In 1891, an attractive modern luxury bathtub was developed with more balanced and efficiency. Then, in 1929, the bathtub came in many colours and somehow, white became the most popular colour. 

Freestanding bathtubs are still a very popular choice in bathrooms around the world. This is because they are smart, fashionable and give users a chance to relax. Find your perfect freestanding bathtub at Hera Bathware without burning a hole in your pocket. Buy a free standing bath for your bathroom to transform your bathroom environment into a rich one. 


Over the last several years, contemporary free standing bath tubs have been very popular. Many use a freestanding bathtub as the main centerpiece of a luxurious bathroom. The bathtub has evolved in its design, shape, colour, and features, with most freestanding bathtubs made with a modern, sleek look. 

Contemporary-style freestanding bathtubs have a few distinct features such as sleek rims and unique shapes. At Hera Bathware, you’ll find round and oval freestanding bathtubs among the many different styles and shapes we stock. We also feature angular, square, and extended backrest bathtubs which have full head support for comfortable bathing. You can buy your oval, round or square freestanding bathtub in a number of colours and finishes. Glossy finishes add brightness to a room with their smooth and shiny appearance. A matte finish is a very popular choice for freestanding bathtubs when looking to match a more modern, industrial-style bathroom. 


Hera Bathware has a massive range of free standing bath tubs sizes to choose your bathroom, does not matter how much your bathroom seems small or large. Our standard sizes are 1400mm, 1500mm, 1700mm, 1800mm. You can buy freestanding bathtubs of any size at the Hera Bathware Melbourne showroom. Come and see these common and popular options for freestanding bathtubs before making the final decision on what bath is right for you. Our sales team is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect freestanding bathtub.


There are two general categories of bathtubs: freestanding and built-in. Both share many features when it comes to finishes, materials and overall design impact in a bathroom. However, you may want to factor in installation time when it comes to choosing between a built-in and freestanding bathtub. 

Built-in tubs are installed in the corner of the bathroom and adjoin the shower on one side. This will help you maximise space in your bathroom, where a freestanding bathtub may need to be placed more centrally, giving you less floor space. On the other hand, a free standing bath tub is easier to install, as it does not need to be attached to the wall and the floor to stand upright - it will stand up for itself. When you don’t have to worry about attaching the bathtub to walls and floors, the installation process becomes much quicker. 


It’s important that if you choose to install a freestanding bathtub, whether that be oval, circle or square in shape, it has to be able to be used by everyone in the household. 

A free standing bath tub is a suitable option for different age groups from children to adults. It’s a safe way for children to bathe and an equally good place for parents to relax.You’re still able to submerge your entire body in a freestanding bathtub for a luxurious and relaxing soak.

Browse the high-quality range of Hera Bathware: we will fulfil your desire by providing a wide selection of free standing bath tubs you can browse online or at our showroom.


Here are just a few advantages of having a freestanding bathtub: available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, can come with additional features like jets and whirlpool functions. It’s great for adults who can soak and relax sore muscles, and small freestanding bathtubs are a great option for kids as it is easy for parents to supervise bathing. 

On the other hand, freestanding bathtubs take up lots of space in a bathroom. It requires more water to fill it, and seniors may find it more challenging to get in and out of a freestanding bathtub without support.

Showers are quick and convenient and have lower water consumption. They are more accessible for people of all ages and also come with superior features such as rain shower heads, jets, and steam options. However, a disadvantage is that you can’t enjoy home spa treatment nor submerge into a hot tub to recharge during the cold season. 

There are plenty of pros and cons, and Hera Bathware is here to help you make a choice. We stock a range of freestanding bathtubs suitable for all users. Freestanding bathtubs are a great way to create a feature within your bathroom, and the variety in sizes and styles means you can customize to your specific bathing needs. 


Hera Bathware has a massive range of freestanding bathtubs with different brands such as Oslo, Lyon, Dublin, Turin, Venice in our Melbourne showroom. Our Hera Bathware products hold a separate unique place among consumers due to their quality and affordability. We also have a variety of other bathtub styles available online and in our showroom. Shop spa baths, corner baths, back to wall bathtubs, drop in baths and a wide range of hardware, including floor stand spouts and more. 

If you are in the market for a modern freestanding bathtub, visit our Campbellfield showroom to choose the right freestanding bathtub for your bathroom. We are always ready to help you with friendly and smiley faces.