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Bella Vista
Shower Screen Wall Bracket
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Bella Vista
Reeded Glass Frameless Shower Panels
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Within your Shower Space Set up Advice

You will always have a wide range of options when choosing the right style for your shower from Hera Bathware. If you like the classic look of a shower enclosure or are on a budget, a frame shower is the most affordable option. Glass Crafters semi-frameless shower enclosures are preferred for professional installation. It is a clean alternative to bulky shower enclosures with aluminum frame. 

Frameless Shower Shower Screen

On the other hand, frameless glass shower doors require proper hinge and hardware placement. Without the support of the typical metal frame used in half frame and frame shower doors, the glass must be thick enough to serve as a structural support. Essentially, every glass panel in a shower door system is framed in solid metal, except for the door itself. Framed glass doors are cleaner and prettier than shower curtains. Proper installation of a glass door keeps the door looking clean and secure. Frameless doors do not use metal frames, but you can add metal hinges or handles. You can also opt for a sliding glass door instead of a swing one to increase the space. Unlike framed glass shower doors, they do not require metal supports to operate. They also differ in glass type, fittings, opening and securing methods. Frameless monitors have no frame parts, just clips and other small parts to hold them together. A frameless style will make it easier to keep your shower clean, but that doesn’t mean half-framed screens are difficult to clean.