Submerge in serenity with Hera Bathware’s premium bathtub spa collection. Handcrafted to perfection, our bathtub spas are meticulously designed to transform your bathing experience into a sanctuary of tranquillity. A true amalgamation of luxury and functionality, these tubs are more than just bathtubs; they are your personal wellness retreat.

Adorn your bathroom with our superb range of back-to-wall spa bathtubs. Crafted with expertise, these tubs take comfort to new heights by blending seamlessly with your bathroom’s aesthetics. The back-to-wall design optimises your space, making these bathtub spas perfect for any size bathroom. 

Spa Bathtubs: Elegance Meets Innovation

Experience the epitome of bathing luxury with our remarkable drop-in spa bathtubs. Designed with attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship, these tubs are a true embodiment of sophistication. Their flawless drop-in design seamlessly integrates with your bathroom decor, exuding a modern, sleek ambience. With our drop-in spa baths, bathing becomes an indulgent ritual, offering an at-home spa experience that relaxes and revitalises.

Benefits of Our Spa Bath Tubs

Choosing our spa bathtubs equips your bathroom with more than just a striking visual appeal. These tubs also offer an array of health benefits. The therapeutic jets stimulate circulation, helping to ease muscle tension and promote physical relaxation. This hydrotherapy can assist in alleviating stress, encouraging a good night’s sleep, and even supporting heart health. Moreover, their ergonomic design provides optimal comfort, ensuring each bath is an experience of pure bliss.

Bring a Spa Experience to Your Home with Spa Bathtubs from Hera Bathware

Create a chic, spa-like ambience in your home with our back-to-wall spa bathtubs. With a rich history spanning over two decades in the bathroom furniture industry, Hera Bathware takes pride in delivering the perfect blend of quality, style, and value. Whether you wish to explore our collection in person at our showroom in Campbellfield or prefer to connect with our team for guidance, we are here to serve your bathwater needs. Discover our range of corner, drop-in, back-to-wall baths and a range of floor stands and regular bath spouts to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.