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CANTERBURY Frameless Sensor LED Mirror
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WINDSOR Frameless Sensor Round LED Mirror 700/900mm
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Gatsby Oval LED Mirror 600*1000mm
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Gatsby Oval LED Mirror 450*1200mm
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Hera Bathware has a range of LED bathroom mirrors that are not only functional but also give a soft shine and beauty to your bathroom. Our mirrors are the perfect choice of accessories for your bathroom to keep always shining and sparkling, even in the dark. You can choose your options based on the sizes and designs of your choice. We confidently and arrogantly say that you will definitely like all our LED bathroom mirrors because after all, it’s our No. 1 best-selling piece. Lighten up your bathroom with Hera Bathware’s LED light mirror.

Enticing LED Bathroom Mirror Lights

  The bathroom mirror with LED lights is created to illuminate the mirror, which makes it more attractive and good-looking for your bathroom. This LED mirror is a necessary accessory in the bathroom for makeup, shaving, and all your morning routines.

  Furthermore, the LED bathroom mirror allows you to adjust your bathroom brightness and colour to your likings.  All you need to do is give a long-press on the touch switch and you can adjust the brightness mirror – from dull to intensify. This gives you the flexibility to set the mood and atmosphere you want for your bathroom easily.

LED Bathroom Mirror with Demister

  Our LED bathroom mirror is pre-installed with a demister function, which is known as anti-fog function. This demister button prevents condensation from happening in your bathroom.

  For example, we all know that our bathroom turns into a sauna-like setting where we step out from our hot bath which eventually fog up the mirror. With the demister technology, it will cool down your mirror immediately, resulting in a clear reflection with just one click.

Energy- Efficiency 

  Did you know LED lights save 75% more energy than other lights? Besides that, it has chemical resistant industrial lights. It means that LED lights do not have any harmful chemicals. So, they are environmentally friendly.

  Hera Bathware’s illuminated LED bathroom mirrors are uniquely designed with an ‘energy saving’ function to maintain a low electricity cost compared to other LED mirrors on the market. Also, it is very durable as it is able to last up to 50,000 hours!

  Please note that all LED bathroom mirrors need to be connected to a power source. Your safety is important to us. Hence, our LED bathroom mirror has SAA Approvals. It means that it is accredited by a third party to ensure all electrical equipment comply with the Australia and New Zealand safety requirements.

Various Types and Shapes 

The Hera Bathware LED bathroom mirror collection comes in various types and shapes such as oval frameless mirror, frame oval mirror, circular frameless mirror, black frame circular mirror, rectangular frameless mirror. Each shape gives a different charm to your bathroom and gives your mind the dimension of a modern bathroom look.

Furthermore, Hera Bathware has different types of sizes such as 600mm, 750mm, and 900mm. Transform your bathroom into a smart bathroom with our beautiful modern LED mirror.

Make Appointment with Our Staff

Hera Bathware LED bathroom mirror is now becoming a very popular accessory for decorating the bathroom. You can place your order through our website or call us with any inquiries on (03) 7009 7677. Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through anything you need.