Hera Bathware has the quality bath you’re searching for to complete your new bathroom space. As diverse and eclectic as the tastes of our clients are, so too are the offerings we supply for the modern home.

From freestanding, back to wall, and corner baths to drop-ins, spouts and spas - we cater to all styles. Whether curating for a timeless, traditional bathroom or a more modern space looking to push the envelope, rest assured that Hera Bathware stands among the frontier in bathroom shops in Melbourne, providing tasteful bathwares at an affordable price.

Browse below to find a wide range of bathtubs for sale from traditional to modern, as well as different sizes and colour options.

GINA - Oval Shape Free Standing Bathtub 1500/1700mm

Standard tubs: These are the most common type of bathtub and are often found in residential homes. They are usually made of porcelain and come in a variety of sizes.

Bathtubs Melbourne - Finding The Perfect Fit For You

A bathtub, at its most practical, is a plumbing fixture used for bathing. It’s a large container, usually made of porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass, designed to hold water for bathing purposes. As a smaller part of a whole, though, making sure that your bathtub assimilates into the broader vision you have for your bathroom is often a creative seesaw, needing to strike the right balance between function and design as a composite of your broader aesthetic theme.

Between our varying types of bathtubs, each offer their own flavour to the creative composition of the bathroom.

As a piece that looks to pair well with the subtle innovation of rimless toilets, for example, a freestanding bathtub makes for a well rounded choice, matching its character of functional simplicity. Drop-in baths, on the other hand, could pair well with inset vanity basins or fully frameless shower screens, as a decorative match to the luxuriousness they embody.

Regardless of your design wants, Hera Bathware holds a range of bathtubs for sale able to suit any scenario with a need for an elegant choice. For more of our offerings, check out our products here, to outfit your bathroom with the well-considered products you need.