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Hera Bathware is a bathroom and kitchen retailer, where you can choose a wide range of free standing vanities and the highest quality brands under one roof. These free standing vanities are famous for their functionality, unique look, elegant design, and other notable features. These vanities are made of superior materials, which give the modern bathroom excellent strength and incredible durability.

Freestanding Vanity Units

Free standing vanity also known as floor standing vanity. A strong, sturdy, and stylish free standing vanity can totally transform the look of the bathroom as it evokes a sense of simplified beauty to the room. It is considered a piece of furniture in your bathroom as it is completely self contained.

Modern vanity unit’s features are clean lines, hidden cupboards, door handles and glossy look, timber look, concrete look. A white glossy finish is a popular option for creating a new modern look. The timber looks freestanding vanity comes in a choice of natural choices. Also, the vanity stone tops have comfortable soft edges that give a sleek look while ensuring your safety while using your bathroom.

Free standing vanity is the best option for maximizing the space too. We have put our vanity collection in your view that you can easily choose your favorite option for your bathroom to make it fabulous.

Our Standard Vanity Sizes

The standard choice of sizes starts from 600mm to 1800mm. Its exquisite multi-purpose design can combine numerous cupboards and drawers, providing enough storage size. Hera Bathware carries all sizes and designs that make your bathroom glorious. Before you shop for your vanities, knowing your bathroom sizes will help you choose the right free standing vanity for your bathroom.

Benefits of Choosing Free Standing Vanity

The main benefits of free standing vanity is the organized storage space compared to a wall hung vanity because you can fit more drawers underneath the basin. You can replenish your bathroom supplies easily by storing bulk items under the vanity.

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials in our storeroom to fit every consumer’s bathroom. Our free standing vanities have a few different styles which are glossy,  concrete and the most popular are the timber looking vanities. Our timber look vanities are made out of MDF board which is the best material for cabinetry while giving rustic looks to your bathroom.

In addition, this vanity brings versatility to your bathroom by reliable height .This feature gives many options for remodelling your bathroom with different looks. All in all, free standing vanities are a great option to bring beautiful designs into your bathroom.

Build to Last for Years

Free standing vanity durability is very high as it is made of the finest quality material for long-lasting use. As mentioned above, our vanities are made of medium-density fibreboard. MDF material is found to be a moisture-proof solid board as a whole and does not decompose in a moist environment. Also, this solid material will last for many generations.  So, you do not need to worry about replacing or maintaining our durable free standing vanity unit. We are very confident with our product that we offer 10 years of warranty.

Get in Touch with Our Team

We have a variety of bathroom and kitchen fixtures available. We have been in the bathroom furniture industry for more than 20 years. We aim to give the best price and quality to you. Visit our showroom in Campbellfield or you can get in touch with our team to know more about our free standing vanity