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Hera Bathware is one of the leading retailers in Australia for bathroom accessories and furniture by giving modern technology design trends and in a range of styles of products. These characteristics indicate our high quality of products. We have helped thousands of our past clients in achieving their dream bathroom at their budget price. It is important to understand the numerous types and functions offered by different types of toilets before finalising the ultimate decision. After all, the chosen toilet for your bathroom is going to be your throne at home.

Back to Wall Toilet Unit
Back to wall toilets also known as wall faced toilets, are usually constructed from high-quality ceramic. These back to wall toilets are installed against the wall with a bowl. It will have a cistern for storing water, open-close seats, and flush buttons. This cistern is concealed behind the pan and there will not be any gap between the wall and the pan.
A good back to wall toilet will have a flushing system that is maintenance-free and designed to save on water consumption. Besides that, modern days back to wall toilets should have soft closed toilet seats. As the name suggests the seat and the lid both come down nice and slowly ensuring minimal noise.
Aspects to Consider
Now that you have a rough understanding of what is back to wall toilet. There are a few plumbing matters you need to identify before choosing your throne. Firstly, you need to be aware of your water inlet’s position. 99.9% of the time it is either at the bottom or back of your toilet system. The next thing you need to ensure is the water tap is outside of the footprint pan. To make things easier, just ask your plumber for these answers!


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S Trap Back to Wall vs P Trap Back to Wall
The word “trap” refers to the designated exit route for the waste to leave your bathroom when flush. After a flush has been initiated, the trap will store sufficient amounts of water to prevent any sewer gasses from entering the toilet which will release a bad odour to the toilet and eventually to the bathroom. There are two types of trap fitted in back to wall toilets which are S or P. P trap works by pushing the waste into a wall through a pipe. Whereas S trap’s pipe is connected to the floor where the sewer is located, hence the waste will be directed to the floor.

Guide to Choosing a Modern Back to Wall
Everyone wants a product that will not run out of style and function. We understand so we came out with an easy 3C guide that represents Cleaning, Comfortability and Class A Quality.
The first C – Cleaning the house is an endless chore. So, we are always looking for a solution and process that makes cleaning easier and faster. The good news is that modern back to wall toilets are easy to clean. Back to wall toilets do not have any trick curves like close coupled toilets. Besides that, the additional multi-layer glazing technology makes the toilet surface smooth and glossy. Some even refer to this technology as self-cleaning nano glaze.
The second C – Comfortability. The seat is designed to be slightly curved to fits the average buttocks. Also, it is an 11mm thick heavy-duty seat that is meant to support the pressure from the legs and buttocks. Thanks to this design, sitting for a longer period on toilets can now be comfortable too.
The last C – Class A quality aka the best quality. To know if the product quality is good, we will need to refer to how it is made. Modern and good quality back to wall toilets should be using the latest approved and recognised technology at the production level and that is high-temperature calcination. Products that are made with 1280 degrees of calcination are proved to be durable.

Back to Wall Toilets Australia

If you are looking for the 3 Cs, look no further. At our Campbellfield showroom, you will find the 3 C’s back to wall toilet alongside our bathroom expertise to suit your bathroom. To see other types of toilet suites, visit in wall toilet suite page. Otherwise, you can call or chat through our online chat. We are happy to give you all the details.