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Rimless toilets are a revolutionary invention in the bathroom world. The demand soared highly for everyone that is looking to buy or replace a new toilet suite. If you have been shopping for new toilet suits, by now you have come across the word ‘Rimless’ on every online bathroom store or mentioned many times by a salesperson in the showroom.

As a bathware seller, we can’t help to notice the growth of demand and inquiries about our rimless toilets. So, today we have gathered the advantages and disadvantages of rimless toilets, frequent questions asked, and what to expect from a rimless toilet in one place.

Definition of Rimless Toilets Suite 

What exactly are rimless toilets? The rimless toilets are the absence of the brink in the toilet pan. So, it is difficult to distinguish a toilet with or without a rim when the lid is closed. The easiest way to identify them without breaking a sweat is by flushing.

When you initiate a flush on a traditional toilet suite (rimmed), a large amount of water and pressure are concentrated on the front and back edge. It does its job but it can do better. Because the side of the toilet suite received less water and pressure, the possibility of leaving stains and germs are likely.

With a rimless toilet suite, because the rim is removed, the toilet suite can distribute the water evenly when a flush is initiated. The water will flush all the waste away in a downward tornado motion. This will result in an improved flush.

Rimless toilets Pros and Cons


  • Extremely Hygienic

We know toilet duty is a hassle. In the past, to clean a rimmed toilet, you needed to use mini brushes to access the area that is not visible under the toilet pan. If those areas are not cleaned properly and regularly, it is easy to stain and eventually turns into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

With rimless toilets, just a simple wipe with the right cleaning solution will do great. There are no hooks or special brushes that you need to clean. Besides that, the rimless toilet suites distribute the water evenly, so every time you flush, imagine it being precleaned.

  • Water-saving

It may be a surprise that it is more water-saving efficient when it comes to rimless toilets. Although the pressure and distribution of the water have improved, it conserves more water. This is because it is well designed to ensure every single drop of water counts when you initiate the flush.


  • It tends to splash

This only happens when it is not well designed. When the valve that is supposed to release the water is not well-positioned, you may experience a few spatter on the outer layer of the toilet suite itself or bathroom. This can be easily avoided by purchasing from well-reviewed products or brands and finding skilled plumbers to install.

  • Higher Cost

Due to the popular demand and it is expected to stand the test of time, the cost is slightly higher than traditional toilet suits. However, rimless toilets are worth every cent of your investment.

Rimless Toilets FAQs 

  1. Are there a wide choice of rimless toilets ?

Yes! In fact, manufacturers and designers are more focused on rimless toilets these days. Any toilet suite design you want can be found in the rimless version such as rimless wall hung toilets, rimless back to the wall, rimless close coupled toilets.

  1. How long does it take to install a rimless toilet?

It should not take more than half a day. The installation is easy if you hire professional plumbers. This is to ensure there are no problems such as leakage and water splatter when used.

  1. Is every bathroom suitable for rimless?

Yes. You can easily replace your old toilet suite with a rimless toilet today. The plumbing and pipes remain the same.

Rimless toilets in Australia 

Explore our extensive range of rimless toilets below. If you are having a difficult time deciding which toilet suite is suitable for you. Head over to our online chat or give us a call, our experienced bathroom specialist will recommend you based on your requirements. Or, visit our showroom in Campbellfield to experience hands-on our large range of toilet suites.