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Hera Bathware has serviced thousands of clients in achieving their dream bathroom at their budget price. Discover why the in wall cistern toilet and rimless toilets are the go-to selections for homeowners and renovators.
The safe side of choosing furniture that will be stuck with us for many decades is to focus on the practicality, material and process used during productions, and the style of the item. By focusing on these 3 tips, you can easily filter out the bad choices. Learn how we apply these 3 tips when it comes to choosing rimless in wall cistern toilets.

In wall Cistern Toilets

  In wall cistern toilets are minimalistic and modern-looking toilets. It has gained popularity over traditional toilets due to its simple looks and improved flushing technology.

  In wall cistern toilets are where all the plumbing and tanks are not visible to us and concealed within the back of the toilet walls. The flush panels are only visible and are mounted on the wall. This plays a big role in wall cistern toilets other than flushing away all the waste. It also acts as the access route for maintenance and service.

Due to the space savings features, many apartments and commercial bathrooms prefer installing in wall cistern toilets. Besides that, it ought to gather less dust and germs as the cistern is not exposed.

In wall Cistern Toilet Installation

When in wall toilet cistern was first introduced in Australia, the cost of the product itself was sky-high. Moreover, fixing and servicing in wall cistern cost more as the hardware kits used and spare parts were difficult to find.

Despite the high cost, the sleek design of in wall cistern toilets still caught many consumers’ hearts. The popularity of the product rises and so does the quality. The demand eventually raises the supply curve in the industry. This resulted in the cost of the concealed toilet suite slightly drop.

At Hera Bathware, not only are our in wall cistern toilets’ prices unbeatable compared to other bathware stores in the market, it is equally important to take into account the spare parts used to manufacture the toilet. It is advisable to select brands or manufacturers that are established. This is to ensure you are able to source the parts you need easily under the circumstances that your warranty ends. Hera Bathware’s toilet suite comes with a 10 years warranty.

In Wall Toilet Package

What should you expect when ordering our in wall cistern toilet aside from the toilet suite itself and a button panel of your choice and colour. The following are the amazing features:

  • Rimless Flush
    Rimless toilets are becoming the norm these days because it is easy to clean as the flush distributes the water well. To know more about the rimless flush, click here.
  • Multilayer & Nano Glaze
    The multi-layer glazing technology allows the toilet to calcinate continuously and makes the dirt on the toilet surface to be wiped off easily.
  • Soft Closing Seat
    With this feature, you do not need to be afraid of damaging your toilet or waking your loved ones from their sleep.
  • Water Saving
    Hera Bathware’s in wall cistern toilet ensures every drop of the water makes the most out of it. There are 2 options on the panel for you to choose your flush pressure – 44.5L or 3.0L. Besides that, our product has a 4.5-star water rating.
  • High Calcination
    To ensure durability, the product is made from 1280 degrees during the manufacturing process.

Thinking to upgrade your Throne?

Have a chat with our bathroom specialist today to find out more or what to expect with in wall cistern installation. Our experienced staff will guide you through your project regardless of its home or commercial. We are not here to persuade you but only to provide you with all the information you need to make your final decision. Visit our showroom today to experience ‘hands-on’ our wide range of toilet suites or shop online with our online chat.