“Can I see your bathroom?”

Such question is rarely asked whether you receive visitors in your home or become a visitor yourself. While this area is one of the most important areas of a home, very few, or no one, will voluntarily ask to check what the bathroom looks like. Often, people would be more interested in your living area, kitchen, or bedroom. Now, the question is: if no one cares, why do you even need to beautify your bathroom?

There are several reasons why you should still make your bathroom look pleasant. But the most important one would be because your bathroom is where you start and end your day.

When you wake up in the morning to prepare (let us say, for work), one of the first things you would probably do is go to the bathroom. This is where you take a bath, put on your makeup, style your hair, etc. The same goes when you go home: your bathroom is where you will change your clothes, wash your face or body, brush your teeth, and so forth.

Now that you already know how vital bathrooms can be, you may wonder how you will beautify this area in your home.

There are ways to make your bathroom more appealing and comfortable. You can apply a fresh coat of paint that will fit your vibe. You may also add plants or lights to make it more suitable for a vanity space. But do you know what will truly help you upgrade your bathroom? Cabinets.

The Importance of Cabinets in the Bathroom

Before searching the internet for bathroom cabinet ideas, you must first understand the benefits of cabinets in your toilet and washroom area. You have to know that while your main goal is to enhance the look of your bathroom, you do not have to sacrifice its functionality, which can be achieved by simply installing cabinets.

Here are some reasons why cabinets are important in the bathroom:

● Space saver

If there is one thing cabinets are guaranteed to do, it is to save space. This is extremely helpful for bathrooms with limited spaces. By installing cabinets in your bathroom, you can devote a storage space for things like towels, hair dryers, spare toilet paper rolls, and other toiletries.

● Low cost

One of the reasons why some homeowners are having second thoughts about installing cabinets is the cost, which is understandable. There is no denying that some cabinets are quite expensive. However, if you search the market properly, you will find that there are different cabinet types, each of which comes at different prices.

Cabinet prices may also depend on its material, size, and function. But you do not have to worry about not getting a suitable cabinet. As mentioned, cabinets are versatile storage spaces, and you will surely find something that will meet your needs and fit the vibe of your bathroom.

● Practicality

Again, the reason why you are getting a cabinet is to save space. But from a practical standpoint, cabinets make much more sense than leaving your things cluttered in the bathroom. In addition, storing your bathroom essentials and toiletries makes them more organized and accessible. This means you do not have to waste time digging around for the things you need.

● Additional accent to the bathroom

Apart from its storage features, cabinets can also add personality to your bathroom. Since cabinets usually come in various designs, colours, materials, and styles, they can be a great addition to the overall look of your bathroom. Some cabinets even come with built-in LED mirrors, allowing them to become multifunctional.

Things to Consider Before Installing Bathroom Cabinets

Apart from knowing how important cabinets can be in your bathroom, you also have to know the things to consider before installing bathroom cabinets. As mentioned, these cabinets often come in various specifications.

Here are some important considerations before installing bathroom cabinets:


When shopping for cabinets, you may think they all look alike. But like what we have mentioned, there are different types of cabinets. There is the mirrored one, which comes with a mirror door along with the storage. This type of cabinet is usually mounted above the sink to assist you with your daily routines, such as brushing your teeth, shaving, and grooming.

Another mirror type is the medicine cabinet. As the name suggests, this cabinet is used to store medicine. But you can also utilise it for your extra toiletries stock like soaps, shampoo, or lotions. Compared to the mirrored ones, medicine cabinets can have a larger storage space.

Corner cabinets are small compact units mounted on the corner of two adjoining walls. Since they are smaller than the two cabinet types, they are more suitable for smaller bathrooms.


Size is another crucial factor to consider when choosing what cabinet to install in your bathroom. Remember that the goal of the cabinets in your bathroom is to maximise space, and selecting the wrong measurement may defeat this purpose.


Positioning your cabinet will help you utilise the available space better, giving your bathroom a more organised look.


If you want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, giving importance to the material of the cabinet is necessary. You can opt for a wood cabinet for a classy and traditional vibe. You may also choose plastic or stainless steel. While these two are relatively cheaper than wood, they also come in different designs that might suit your bathroom’s overall appearance.


Ready-made cabinets are available in the market. However, if you want your cabinets to fit the feel of your bathroom, consider customising them. This way, you can experiment with different materials, colours, designs, and sizes. But before you go for this, make sure you have a skilled carpenter or contractor to help you out.

Never Forget Quality with Hera Bathware

Choosing the perfect bathroom cabinet can be overwhelming and challenging, given that many cabinet shops are around. This is why you should always research and look for the best possible options before purchasing one.

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