The bathroom is a utilitarian environment, but it is a great place to let your imagination run wild. While you should choose long-lasting materials for your bathroom design, you don't have to hang on to any old fixtures or styles. Whether it's a new vanity, a whimsical wallpaper pattern, or some other piece of modern bathroom decor, there are countless ways to update your space's look without breaking the bank. Ditch out your old bathroom furniture list and check out our carefully curated selection to help you decide what to do for your next bathroom or powder room renovation.


Here is a compilation of bathroom furniture in 2023, based on the 2023 bathroom trends that interior designers and architects are embracing.

1. A Huge Soaking Tub


You can always go right with a spa-like bathroom. The bathroom should be a haven of solace, a sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world. Interior designers are creating bathrooms with the vibe and feel of a luxurious spa with a water view. This illusion is done by using a huge soaking bathtub against framed pictures of the outdoors, matched with a spacious lavatory with wall-to-wall wallpaper and a green vanity. Want to go all out? You can never go wrong with an opulent jacuzzi as the bathroom’s focal point.

2. Choose Stylish Mirrors

Bathrooms will become increasingly adorned with one-of-a-kind pieces during the following year. Items such as artwork, hardware, and led mirrors fall into this category. Whimsical mirrors are a great way to decorate a room, no matter the bathroom style.

3. Pedestal Sinks

There is an increase in the prevalence of the preference for pedestal sinks. Not only does it prevent more splashes, but having a freestanding pedestal sink adds a unique design element to a room. You can also play around and add whimsy to your pedestal sinks by choosing those with colour.

In 2023, colourful sinks will be widely popular again. Non-standard, brightly coloured sinks are all the rage in today's bathrooms. One of the finest ways to maximize the design and genuinely elevate a little space is to use a vibrant colour for the sink in the powder room.

Adding a splash of colour to a compact place like a powder room is a great way to make a statement.

4. Unlacquered Brass Hardware

Unlacquered brass is classic and eye-catching in a modern, white bathroom. For a more traditional aesthetic that will last the test of time, choose unlacquered brass because it is not as shiny as lacquer and can be used in more settings.

5. Matching Toilets and Sinks

There is a growing need for stylish, colour-coordinated ceramic toilets that work with under-mount and above-counter basins . This is becoming more commonplace, with bronze and gunmetal tones replacing nickel tones and marble knobs being incorporated into plumbing fixtures for a more classic feel.



With 2023 arriving in less than a month, now is the perfect opportunity to find new ideas for your bathroom's design, no matter how big or small. This year, you can find a trend that interests you, whether you like minimalist, modern, or rustic bathroom designs or want to try a new design style.

Regardless of your chosen style, these curated selections will ultimately convert your bathroom into a sumptuous retreat, whether you're seeking a spa-like atmosphere or a more compact powder room. Want more options to influence and inspire you? Check out Hera Bathware’s showroom, which offers myriad choices for every bathroom need!

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December 22, 2022 — Hera Ad Team