We all spend considerable time in our bathrooms, so it makes sense to make them as lovely as possible. There is a wide variety of both large and small, affordable, and luxurious bathroom ware available today. In addition to the standard fixtures, fashionable dispensers and toilets that can be added to the bathroom for a touch of extra style, lighting also plays a crucial role in creating the ideal atmosphere for your bathroom getaway.

While it might be difficult to find the right bathroom accessories and lighting schemes to reflect your style and personality, there are some essentials that you must not forget. Read on to spark inspiration for your next redesign!


Use Flora & Fauna

Put some greenery or colorful flowers in a vase and brighten up your bathroom. Due to the high humidity, plants such as ferns, orchids, and succulents thrive in bathrooms.

Not enough room for a vase on the counter? Try the back of the toilet or a quiet nook for a hanging plant. Don't panic if your thumb is brown instead of green. Artificial plants look amazing, too.

Be Creative

Many people ignore the importance of bathroom wall decor. Wall art is a great way to give a room a little more character and flair as well as a welcome splash of color. Make the most of the room you have available. If you have the space, make a gallery wall out of unique items from secondhand stores.

If you're short on wall space, but want to make a statement, look for compact works of art that deliver a powerful visual punch. Frame and glass your artwork to keep it safe from steam and moisture.

Organize Your Countertop

Your bathroom's efficiency and aesthetic value are directly proportional to how well it is organized. With the help of a tray, you can keep your vanity looking neat and organized by storing the items you use frequently on it.

Stash bits and ends like bobby pins and nail clippers in a smaller, attractive box. If you're low on counter space, put a floating shelf between the vanity and mirror where items like a bathroom accessories set can live.

Illumination is Important

Lighting can make or break your bathroom's decor. Furthermore, it has the potential to alter one's disposition. Setting the mood for a relaxing spa experience in your bathroom might begin with the lighting.

Try to install some fixtures that are not too bright. Softer lights will not only highlight your best features, but also make the room feel warmer and more inviting. To set the perfect mood in your bathroom, layer your lighting with both overhead and tabletop options.

Have Fun with Baskets

Bathroom storage baskets available in a wide range of sizes and materials, and they're a great way to add visual interest and extra space. Towels, clothes, brushes, makeup, curling irons, toiletries, and everything else you may think of can be stored in them. Put them on the wall and save up valuable table or floor space.

Carpets and Rugs Make a Statement

A standard bathmat is something you can find at any store. These practical workhorses will cushion your steps, but they aren't necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing option. Try something different than a plain old rug.

Choose a sisal or bamboo rug to soften the look of your bathroom flooring while also adding visual interest. They are also very useful because they are long lasting and resistant to water and humidity.

Maximize Space Utilization

It goes without saying that bathroom storage is crucial. Do not leave your toiletries out where anyone can view them. Try to find bathroom storage solutions that serve both your needs and your aesthetic preferences.

Don't limit yourself to over-the-toilet shelves or standard medicine cabinets. Think broader. Restoring an old dresser gives you extra space and a clean slate on which to work your design magic. Have extra baskets handy for storing toilet paper. Putting a "skirt" around a pedestal sink and inserting baskets underneath it is a great solution for a lack of floor space.

Be Original

Don't feel that you must stick to the bathroom section of the store when looking for accessories. The bathroom is a great place to store and display a wide variety of common home products.

Improved Furniture and Appliances

Updating the faucets and hardware in your bathroom is a simple way to modernize the space. You can completely transform the look of your bathroom by just switching out the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. An outdated bathroom can be brought up to date by installing new fixtures and faucets. However, if you go for brass faucets, visitors will immediately realize that your property was constructed in the 1990s. A plumber may be needed for installation if you are not mechanically inclined, but the expense will be justified by the high quality of the finished product.


Finish off your bathroom's design with finishing touches like candles, beautiful soaps, vases, and other ornaments. You should choose products that are in keeping with your personal style but also complement the theme.

Towels can be neatly coiled and stored in a wire rack that is attached on the wall. Towels that are neatly folded and hung from a wooden ladder offer visual interest. Try to use a pretty cake stand in pastel colors as a convenient place to store your lotions and potions.

In a nutshell…

Using your imagination, you may easily upgrade your bathroom with these bath ware essentials. To get started, head on over to Hera Bathware, one of the best Australian bathware retailer that is committed to delivering high-quality products and good service at an affordable price. Their modern designs are sure enough to make your house feel more like home.

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November 10, 2022 — Hera Bathware