The bathroom is likely to have the most used fixtures in a home. Because of this, it is also the most susceptible space to becoming antiquated and worn out. While It's not easy to take the plunge and start a renovation, the payoff could be well worth the anxiety. To see if your bathroom needs updating, you should check it out first.

Here are some reasons why you might wish to tackle bathroom remodeling to assist you in your decision:

Invest in a Makeover

As time passes and color trends come and go, your bathroom will begin to look increasingly antiquated. Not only does old plumbing tend to break down, but a carpeted floor will start to smell after a while and worn-out fixtures and fittings will only make matters worse. Not only that, but the bathroom may look decades old due to its tiling, colors, toilet, and fixtures like faucets.

It’s also possible that you’ve grown bored of your morning routine in the bathroom and would like to switch things up. The master bedroom will benefit from the updated look and feel of the rest of the house as well as the bathroom’s renovations by being more sanitary and welcoming.

Fixing Plumbing Issues

A leak in the plumbing can get increasingly worse over time. A dripping faucet could be the first sign of a more serious problem, such as the rot that results from prolonged exposure to water. The bathroom starts to stink, the paint peels, and the tiles start to crack. Instead of putting up with the current situation, perhaps it is time to finally rebuild the bathroom and get new, well-functioning plumbing to get rid of all those pesky minor issues at once.

Increase Your Home’s Worth

The bathroom might be one of the tiniest rooms in the house, but it serves a crucial function. The value of a home increases once a bathroom renovation is completed.

A potential buyer may be turned off by a dated, cramped, or unsafe restroom, but nothing is more appealing than a spotless, modern one.

Maintain a Secure Environment

Some restroom risks emerge with advancing age that do not apply to younger persons. Those recuperating from orthopedic procedures like a hip or knee replacement are likewise vulnerable to such risks. A walk-in shower, slip-resistant flooring, and extra-wide grab bars are just a few examples of the safety measures you may add to a renovated bathroom.

Increase Energy Efficiency

During a remodel, you can add many elements that together will reduce your energy consumption by nearly half. Water-saving features include low-flow plumbing, radiant floor heating, and other devices. The installation of windows can reduce the amount of time spent with the fan on, as well as provide additional ventilation to keep the bathroom dry and free of moisture buildup.

Get Rid of Mildew and Mold

Lack of proper ventilation in a bathroom can lead to mold growth and eventual floor and wall deterioration due to water leaks. Because of this, mold and mildew often continue to grow unseen for years. Exposure to mold for even brief periods of time can be problematic for persons with respiratory issues or who are allergic to mold and experience a wide array of symptoms. To get rid of mold, you may need to completely remodel your bathroom. In extreme circumstances, demolition of walls and/or flooring may be necessary.

Expand Your Bathroom

Older bathrooms are generally always smaller than modern ones. An expanded bathroom is not only more convenient, but also more comfortable. One further incentive to extend a bathroom is to make more place for storage, whether it be through the installation of new cabinets or the reconfiguration of the existing layout.

Asbestos May Be Affecting Your Health

Asbestos may be present in a home constructed in the 1980s or 1990s. If asbestos is discovered during renovations, the work must be stopped until all traces of the material have been removed. If you want to know what needs to be done if asbestos is discovered during renovations, you should have a test done before starting work. In addition to giving the bathroom a fresh, modern aesthetic, the renovations will ensure that all asbestos is removed.


It's possible to completely gut a bathroom and start over, or you may simply replace a few fixtures. Remodeling costs are entirely in your control, so long as you set a realistic budget. However, even the most extensive renovations usually pay for themselves because they increase the home's value and curb appeal.

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Happy redesigning!

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November 17, 2022 — Hera Bathware