The modern bath space has turned out to be an ideal place to relax & unwind after a long day and can be aesthetically designed to give your home a luxurious appeal.

A bath plays several roles in the bathroom, including bathing children and being a place to relax after a long day, so don't just think of it as a centerpiece of attraction that suits your style, rather it is a necessity.

Choosing the right bathtub isn't easy, and with so many options and practical considerations for each bath and how it will affect your space in the style stakes, here are a few tips to choose the best:

1) Know your bath size:

Knowing the bath sizes is the first step towards making smart, effective bathroom planning decisions. Bathrooms in many homes are sized to accommodate a standard alcove tub, which is 60 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 18 inches deep. Sizes of inner basins can vary depending on the thickness, but make sure it has enough space for an adult to fully submerge their legs while sitting upright.

2) Choose a style:

There are many types of baths to consider before buying a bathroom, each appropriate for a bathroom based on space constraints and aesthetic preferences. Here are the most popular types:

  • Back to Wall Baths:

    Back-to-wall bathtubs sit in the middle of a bathroom and are a stylish alternative to a straight bath. A back-to-the-wall bath appears freestanding from the front and is a great option for smaller rooms and is ideal for soaking for a long time.
  • Drop-In Baths:

    It's a tub that's dropped into a frame around it, called a surround. The bath has a rim around the top that fastens to the top of the frame, which is either tiled or made out of wooden or other materials. These seem to be more popular because of their relatively low cost, variety of shapes and sizes, and flexibility of design.
  • Free Standing Bath Tubs:

    Free-standing tubs, which are tubs that rest on the floor, are still very popular among customers. The base of the bath is designed to support the full weight of the sink, making it easy to place anywhere and looks great for large bathrooms.
  • Shower Baths:

    Generally, shower baths come in either a P or L configuration with exposed hardware and a shower ring. Typically, shower baths are attached to a wall and a glass screen is installed at one end to create an enclosed space.

3) Choose the Right Bath Material:

A bathtub's material can affect its appearance, weight, and heat retention. Select materials like porcelain enameled steel, fiberglass, acrylic, marble, ceramic tile, stone, wood, etc. that last a long time.

Final Thoughts:

Baths are often the center of attention in the bathroom, which means you need to carefully choose the style, shape, and material you want. No matter what size, price, or comfort you prefer, measure your space and think about the needs of the people in your home, and you will find the perfect bath.

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February 24, 2022 — Hera Bathware