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Before delving deeper into the free standing bath tubs, let’s take a look at the invention of bathtubs. In 1983, the first bathtub in the world was discovered by John Michael Kohler from America. He took a cast-iron horse tub and created a bathtub with four decorative feet and an enamel smooth surface. In 1991, an attractive modern luxury bathtub was developed with more balanced, and efficiency. Then, in 1929, the bathtub came in many colours and somehow white became the most popular colour. 

Till today, bathtubs are still very popular among us. This is because they are relaxing, smart, fashionable, and give rest-free after-hours bath sitting. Find your perfect bathtubs at Hera Bathware without burning a hole in your pocket. Buy a free standing bath tub for your bathroom to transform your bathroom environment into a rich one. 

Modern & Contemporary Styles

Over the last several years, contemporary free standing bath tubs have been very popular, as it is the main centerpiece for the luxurious bathroom. It has been evolving in designs, shape, colour, and features and gives a modern and sleek look. The deep styling of the bathtub proffers a more relaxing and massaging experience in the bath.

Moreover, contemporary style has a few distinct features such as sleek rim, unique shapes, and the corners are rounded with a beautiful curved design. It can be seen as a minimal and simple yet rich design. They have different characteristics depending on their length, width and depth. For example, angular, square, oval, and extended backrest bath tubs provide full head support for comfortable bathing and help to store the water you use for bathing. Also, there are multiple options according to their colour and finishes, which are glossy and matte. The glossy look finish makes a positive effect and makes vanity seem brighter with a smooth and shining appearance. Whereas, the matte finish gives a trendy and exoctic vibes. 

Several Size Options

Hera Bathware has a massive range of free standing bath tubs sizes to choose your bathroom, does not matter how much your bathroom seems small or large. Our standard sizes are 1400mm, 1500mm, 1700mm, 1800mm.  These sizes are the common and popular sizes for free standing bath tubs. 

Easy to installation

You can choose your bathtub according to the installation. These come in two types. One is a built-in tub and another one is a free standing bathtub. Both have the same features and are attractive.  Whereas, they can be selected for their appearance and location by consumers. Build-in tubs are installed in the corner of the bathroom and adjoin the shower on one side. This may save your bathroom space. 

On the other hand, free standing bath tub is easy to install as it is not attached to the wall and floor. It does not need to be attached to anything to stand upright. It will stand up for itself. Also, you do not need to be an expert to install this bath tub, just buy it. It is not necessary to use any kind of tools to install these. Thus, there is no need to spend extra money or more time to install this bathtub. 

Also, when it comes to installation for free standing bath tubs consumers need to keep in mind that it may take up quite a bit of space in your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, the benefit of installing a free standing bath tub is it will give the illusion of more space.


You need to make sure that all the bathroom accessories have usable quality for everyone. This free standing bath tub is a suitable option for different age groups from children to adults to take a long bath. For example, it is a safe place to take bath for children and a good place to take a relaxing bath for adults. It can be seen as a bathtub that people can still compress their entire body inside and give a complete bath, and get a massage sensation by giving your body a hot bath through the bath of this tub.

Hera bathware will fulfill your desire by giving a good selection of free standing bath tubs.  So come to our showroom and choose your bathtub to make your bathroom luxurious. 

Is It Better to Have BathTub or Shower?

When you are considering the advantages of a free standing bath tub, which provides a great option for relaxing sore muscles, an ideal option for kids, available in a variety of styles and sizes, and other special features are available including air jet and whirlpool function. On the other hand, it takes up lots of space, requires more water to fill, and takes more time to fill and bathe, and seniors may find it more challenging to be in and out of the bathtub.

Whereas, showers offer quick and convenient baths, less water consumption, easy access for people, and gives superior features of rain showers, jet, and steam options. The only disadvantage is we can’t enjoy home spa treatment and a place to relax our body in warm waters during a cold or hot season. 

Overall, they have some pros and cons, while if the family has children, it is better to go with a free standing bath tub to make their life comfortable. Hera Bathware has a massive range of selections of free standing bath tubs. Now it is time to finish your bathroom fitting or replace your bathroom with a shower to bathtub.

Free Standing Bath Tubs in Melbourne

Hera Bathware has a massive range of freestanding bathtubs with different brands such as Oslo, Lyon, Dublin, Turin, Venice in Melbourne. Our Hera Bathware products hold a separate unique place among consumers by the quality and friendly budget. Visit our Campbellfield showroom to choose good bathtubs for your modern bathroom. We are always ready to help you with friendly and smiley faces. 

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