When you need peace, there's no better place to retreat than the restroom. Peace, seclusion, and the opportunity to unwind are all possible here. As a result, the importance of good design must be considered in such areas.

During the pandemic, many bathroom renovations were delayed and even cancelled due to the difficulty of obtaining the necessary materials. And since these bathroom styles have been put on hold, they may follow specific fashions and trends that are considered to be outdated by today’s standards.

If you’re planning for a bathroom renovation, learning about the upcoming bathroom styles in 2023 will be more critical than ever.


Here are some tips that can help you create a new bathroom for 2023:

Go For Light Colours

Like T-Swift’s song, white aesthetics never go out of style. Yes, the pale palette is still included in 2023 small bathroom trends. However, choose lighter colours that aren't white, like apricot, taupe, cream, soft pinks, and wood, as they produce a calming effect but are not necessarily clinical or sterile.

Well-Placed Light Fixtures are Important

The bathroom has evolved into a prominent location to display all ornamental lighting, from pendants and sconces to elaborate ceiling fixtures. A well-designed light fixture in the bathroom can help create a relaxing ambiance, add visual interest, and serve practical purposes, such as maximizing space using light and shadow.

Make sure to look for the right kind of lighting that will complement the bathroom design you have in mind.

Look for Contrasts

Consider incorporating textured tiles onto a flat wall or floor. For example, the popularity of the "Japandi" design aesthetic will continue well beyond 2023. Its slatted wood, dark wood stains, and sleek silhouettes are reminiscent of Japanese style. It uses contrasting styles, such as black, chrome, and white metals.

Merge Different Design Elements

People are increasingly drawn to works of art that skilfully combine elements from many periods and cultures. A home's personality is enhanced when even the little rooms, such as the powder room, are decorated with care. Therefore, do not be afraid to explore new styles and merge them as you like.

Invest in High-Quality Tiles

The walls of a bathroom can be tiled instead of painted or papered. However, do not think that tiles are dull. For example, tiling the walls in black ceramic is a chic counterpoint for those preferring the sleek matte style.

Wood is In

In 2023, calm, woodsy interiors are expected to become more common in modern bathrooms. Bringing the outside within using natural materials and elements, including woods, concrete, plaster, rounded edges, and earth tones, can transform any bathroom into a forest-y, woodsy vibe.

This also allows you to use muted shades of colour like green or blue. It's fantastic because it gives you access to a broader range of complementary colours and expands your palette.

LED Mirrors are Here to Stay

Over the following year, there will be a rise in the use of one-of-a-kind fixtures and fittings in bathroom design. Everything from paintings to doorknobs to mirrors falls into this category. Having decorative mirrors add a wonderful sense of playfulness to any room. For example, an LED bathroom mirror adds a distinctive, contemporary style to any bathroom design.

Consider Colourful Sinks

In 2023, colourful sinks will take the spotlight as non-standard, brightly coloured sinks continues to gain popularity in today's bathrooms. One of the finest ways to enhance the design and elevate a small space is to use a vibrant colour for the sink in the powder room.

Sinks with bold colours add visual interest and make a statement in compact spaces like powder rooms. This creates a sense that the bathroom is a jewel box by combining a bright sink with vivid paint for the walls.

Custom-made Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom vanity is a necessary fixture, so why not give it some personality and let it set the tone for the room? Designers have been adapting cabinets and other furniture for new uses for quite some time, but this service is increasingly in demand.

Bespoke vanities that double as works of art are also here to stay. For timeless designs, designers usually merge classic and elegant materials with delicate textures, such as natural marble stones and rich walnut woods.

The Future is Sustainable

More and more people are using sustainable, natural materials to build or renovate their bathrooms. This trend in bathroom design means going with materials like wood, zellige tiles produced by hand, and processed natural stones.

Sinks made of natural stone or travertine are a big part of this. Installing a stone bathroom sink can define the area and make a magnificent statement.

Custom Baths

Many interior designers believe the trend toward standalone or custom baths will continue for the foreseeable future. It's an excellent method for making a room's main point stand out and can significantly boost your home's worth. Additionally, if you want your main bathroom to feel more like a spa, you can add some gold fittings to the bathtub.

The growing demand for luxurious tubs is another indication of the increasing importance that people are placing on pampering themselves.

As there's no finer feeling than treating yourself to a much-deserved bath at the end of a long day, using your beautifully arranged tub as a commute bath to transition from work to home life and back again is a warm experience.


Although it serves a practical purpose, the bathroom can be an excellent canvas for artistic expression. While you should use durable materials for your bathroom design, you can stick with the same old finishes, fixtures, and styles. Whether you want to update your bathroom with a new vanity, a whimsical wallpaper pattern, or any other piece of modern bathroom decor, there is no shortage of options. These suggestions will help you prepare for your next year’s bathroom makeover.

And what better way to prepare for next year’s bathroom trends than by browsing online? Check out Hera Bathware’s showroom to inspire you for that New Year, New Bathroom look!

Happy remodeling!

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December 15, 2022 — Hera Bathware