Every year, you will come across multiple home interior trends you might want to follow. But the problem is, not all trends will last long. Some of them are just going to pass by.

This is why you have to be careful about what trend to follow. You must remember that even if you have the budget, it would be a hassle to change your interior now and then.

Take your bathroom vanity as an example. This is one of the elements in your bathroom where you can incorporate the trends you see on the internet.

But before you decide on what style to use, bear in mind that bathroom vanity has various types, and one will certainly not fit all.

What Is a Bathroom Vanity?

Many interior design experts describe vanity as the cabinet built around the bathroom sink.

Apart from being used as storage, another function of the vanity is hiding the plumbing under the sink.

Your vanity is also one of the most prominent fixtures in your bathroom. Hence, they will have a significant effect on how your bathroom will look like.

Before installing a vanity, you must remember that the bathroom vanity materials you will use can affect your bathroom’s styling. Some of the most common ones are solid wood, particle board, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and plywood. Others also use granite, quartz, marble, or porcelain materials.

Bathroom vanities come in different shapes, like square, round, rectangular, and corner mounts. But more than the material and shape, you must consider what type of bathroom vanity you would like to install.

Here are some examples of bathroom vanity types.

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Vanity?

There are several types of bathroom vanity, and choosing the best one can be challenging. Your selection should be based not only by your preference but also by your bathroom’s layout and measurements.

· Freestanding Vanity


As its name suggests, the freestanding vanity is rested on the floor. It stands apart from the wall and the room, much like a dresser or cupboard.

This is among the most classic types of vanity. Therefore, if you want a vanity that can stand the test of time, you will never regret going freestanding.

Additionally, this type of vanity brings many advantages. One of these is its ample storage space, allowing you to store your toiletries and hide your bath’s plumbing. Freestanding vanity is also a very sturdy piece of cabinetry that usually withstands wear and tear.

The only downside of this vanity type is that since it is situated on your floor, it can occupy a large portion of your bathroom. Hence, it is not recommended for bathrooms with limited space.

· Pedestal Sink Vanity

Unlike most bathroom sinks set into a vanity, the pedestal sink does not actually have a vanity. Instead, it is supported by the wall where it is attached. Additional support comes from the pedestal or small column under its sink.

The design of this vanity is also the reason why it is typically called anti-vanity. You also cannot expect a good counter space or storage if you will choose this type.

But despite this limitation, many homeowners still choose pedestal sinks because they offer a modern, clean, or utilitarian look. In addition, this is the perfect choice for bathrooms with limited floor space.

· Vessel Sink Vanity

If you want a modern type of vanity but with a sleek and classic look, the vessel sink vanity might be the perfect choice for you.

This style sits above your counter with a bowl that arises from the sink area and has its own separate tap. Vessel sink vanities are usually made of metal or porcelain and can have elaborate and intricate patterns or designs.

The vessel sink vanity is also perfect for homeowners that prefer to have many storage options. But you must remember that this type of vanity can be very costly and take up much floor space. This is why they are more commonly used for commercial properties like restaurants and hotels.

· Wall-Mount Vanity


Also known as floating vanity, this type of vanity is affixed to the wall. The wall-mount vanity is perfect for homeowners with limited bathroom space who still want storage.

Although floating vanities do not offer the same storage space as freestanding and vessel vanities, you can still store some of your toiletries here to prevent clutter in your bathroom.

Besides being an innovative option for a bathroom vanity, wall-mount vanity allows you to clean the underneath easily. Since no cabinetry is blocking the floor, you can easily swipe, mop, or vacuum beneath it.

· Corner Vanity


As the name implies, a corner vanity is installed in the corner of your bathroom. Some are designed with multiple sink basins on either side of the counter’s corner, but you may also choose single basins. After all, this type of vanity is intended for bathrooms with small spaces.

Corner vanities are typically used for half-bath or washroom spaces – basically, a bathroom with enough room only for the toilet and sink. This type of bathroom vanity also necessitates the use of a round sink.

· Narrow Depth Vanity


Like corner vanity, narrow depth ones are designed for bathrooms with limited spaces.

Usually, vanity depths range from 21” to 24”. However, some bathrooms just could not accommodate this space.

So, if you have a small bathroom but want a wide walkway, a narrow depth is the ideal choice.

Choose the Perfect Vanity Style for you with Hera Bathware

Choosing the most suitable vanity type for your bathroom can be a tedious task, especially if you have limited knowledge about bathroom interiors.

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January 12, 2023 — Hera Bathware