Your bathroom is one of the essential parts of your home. This is where you usually start and finish your day. Moreover, this space can function similar to your bedroom, where you can be vulnerable. Thus, it is only proper to exert effort in beautifying your bathroom despite not being as exposed as the other parts of your home.

Inside your bathroom, your vanity area is among the spaces you need to give importance to. Because aside from helping you get through your morning routine (washing your face, applying make-up, fixing hair, etc.), your vanity is also a storage unit where you can place your extra toiletries.

When it comes to vanity, you can choose between freestanding and wall-hung vanity. While there are many types of vanity units, these two are the most common. Both are extremely helpful and can improve the appearance of your bathroom. This is why choosing between them can be challenging.

But worry no more, for we are here to help you decide.

What is a freestanding vanity?



A freestanding vanity is mounted on the bathroom floor and includes a kickboard that covers the space beneath. This type of vanity is preferred by homeowners who like a timeless aesthetic. Their designs typically stand the test of time and can be prevalent in bathrooms for decades. This allows decorating your bathroom to be easier.

Freestanding vanity is also known for having large storage. They can provide ample space for your bathroom essentials, which can be critical for some homeowners.

Another benefit of this type of vanity is how easy it can be to clean them. Since it is attached to the floor, there is no need to clean the space underneath. This reduces cleaning time and allows you to relax in your bathroom more.

Without a doubt, freestanding vanity brings many benefits to your bathroom. But it also comes with different cons, such as taking more floor space. Although they come in different sizes and styles, they are mounted on your floor, making your bathroom appear less spacious.

Freestanding vanities also leave floor marks. If you try to rearrange or change your bathroom layout, you might notice this vanity leaves impressions on the floor. While the severity of the scarring would depend on the adhesives used and your tile quality, this can still be bothersome for some.

What is a wall-hung vanity?


As the name suggests, wall-hung vanity is mounted on the wall. They are also called floating vanity unit and has space beneath them.

Wall-hung vanity is a popular element for modern bathrooms because of its sleek and contemporary appearance, which can help create clean and sharp lines in your bathroom.

Being an excellent space saver is also one of the benefits of wall-hung vanity. Since they are mounted on your wall, they create an uninterrupted floor space that helps make your bathroom appear larger. In addition, you can also show off your bathroom tiles without interruptions.

Wall-hung vanities are also easy to clean underneath. Since they are not fastened to the floor, you will have full access to your flooring, allowing you to sweep, vacuum, or mop when you clean your bathroom.

But like freestanding vanities, the wall-hung ones also have some disadvantages. One of which is its limited storage space. Since they are hung on the wall, they could never carry the same weight as the freestanding ones. Because of this, wall-hung vanities have less storage capacity. While some techniques can easily solve this, it may still be an issue for some.

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When choosing a bathroom vanity, it is crucial to consider your toilet’s size, layout, and overall design. This will help you determine the most suitable vanity unit for your bathroom. But regardless of your choice, it is crucial to have a reliable bathroom retailer that understands your needs.

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