What makes your spa bathroom design unique is not just the selection of fixtures, but rather the creation of a sensational spa ambience. Hera Bathware understands that every detail makes a difference in getting the harmony right. Here are some of our collection of unique bathroom tapware that will transform your bathroom into a home spa. 

An ideal spa bathroom is made up of essential elements like comfort, luxury, and convenience, the combination of which is often in the hands of the designer. Not only does tapware have a hybrid function in this space, but it also becomes an element of the bathroom where visitors are able to enjoy its ambience beyond strict function.

Embrace Minimalist Elegance

Spas have the potential of adding calm to your interior, inspired by minimalist design, which helps by cutting out unnecessary objects and concentrating on important elements. The ECCO wall basin mixer applies this aesthetic, incorporating a simple form and clean lines, placing attention more on the effects of the space’s function in a concise, clear way - without distraction from unnecessary or detracting design elements that take away from the simplicity of its performance.

Choose High-end Materials That Are Wear and Tear Proof

Picking tapware that is made of premium, durable materials not only promotes a longer lifespan, but also gives your space a luxurious feel. The KARA wall basin set, presented in finishes such as Brushed Gold, Matte Black, etc., offers a sturdiness and refinement that places in any timeless interior. 


Consider Eco-Friendly Features

Sustainability is at the core of the spa philosophy, and its approach of being in tune with nature is what matters the most. Careful consideration of items like taps with water-saving features such as those found in the CELIA and KARA collections displays devotion to the brand aesthetic, which does not compromise on environmental responsibility nor our design language.

Ensure Versatility and Functionality

Your spa-inspired bathroom should be a sanctuary for tranquillity and performance. Our SQUARE Wall Basin Mixer in Black Matte has been designed for multi-applications utility, and is befitting for different uses such as showers and baths.

Create a Cohesive Look

A constant appearance is what tends to create a spa's inviting and chic atmosphere. Our BIANCA Mixed Spout, with its sleek style and range of finishes can help in assuring that each component in your bathroom works in sync with each other, creating a balanced and tranquil sanctuary within.

Reflect Your Style

The spa-like approach is all about relaxation and softness, but individual taste should also characterise the bathroom design. Contact us for a rich range of designs and finishes that can suit your palette and make your bathroom reflect your true self.

Following these simple lead lines can make your bathroom the reflection of a high-quality spa oasis in which each element is involved in creating an atmosphere of luxury and invigorating relaxation.

June 17, 2024 — Kane Waters