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Timber vanities is a unique bathroom product that brings a warm vibe to your bathroom. Find the perfect style and innovative massive range of timber look vanities for your bathroom with high-quality and highly affordable vanities at Hera Bathware.

Our timber vanities Idiosyncratic Features 

  • Healthy E1 material

Hera Bathware timber vanities are made with healthy E1 materials. Furniture that is considered E1 grade is when the amount of formaldehyde release is less than or equal to 9.0mg/100g. To ensure the safety usage of furniture in the house, in many countries including Australia, has made it compulsory to only supply E1 grade.

  • Moisture proof

These vanities are made out of Medium Density Fibreboard. MDF materials allow the timber vanities to last longer in humid temperatures. With these timber look vanities, you do not need to worry your bathroom timber vanities to defromed after a few years because it is made to withstand humidity.

  • Pre assembled

Convenience and efficiency is what we long for in everything we do. Same goes to our timber vanities. All Hera Bathware vanities are pre-assembled and come with an easy and straightforward guide to install. If halfway through, you have trouble putting all the pieces together, just give us a call. We are more than happy to guide you through.

  • Soft Closing Doors

Bid goodbye to bruised fingers from drawers jamming or loud slamming drawers. All vanities sold at our showroom and online have the soft closing features. Besides that, our drawers are designed without drawer handlers to achieve the minimal look. Despite not having a drawers handler, the drawers and doors of the timber vanities have bevel grip which provides a gap between spaces for you to open the panel.

Various Options of Sizes and Vanity Matches

Hera Bathware brings a wide range of timber vanities with a variety of sizes and vanity matches to transform your bathroom with a modern timber look. Firstly, the standard sizes are 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm with a single bowl, 1500mm with a double bowl, and 1800mm with a single bowl. These standard sizes will help people to choose the timber vanity from our different sizes for their bathroom to make it stylish.

Secondly, you will find a variety of bench top options for you to choose from.The best thing about timber vanities is it is very accommodating with many different style such as ceramic tops, Cato stone, Pure flat stone and Crystal Top. All these tops offer 3 features  in common which are timeless beauty, durability, and easy maintenance.

Timber Vanities Wall Hung & Freestanding

When it comes to choosing vanities it is either the wall hung or freestanding vanities options. The advantages of wall hung are they make your bathroom look wider than it is, cleaning the bottom of the vanity is easier and it offers an innovative space to store your bathroom essentials on the bottom or inside of the timber vanities. One of the drawbacks of wall-hung compared to freestanding is the pipe’s visibility. This only applies to certain households where the plumbing may exceed the size of wall hung vanities. To avoid that from happening, consider opting for bigger size wall hung vanities or the alternative, freestanding vanity.

Speaking of freestanding timber vanity, it hides the plumbing concerns while bringing a homely and rustic look to your bathroom. Besides that, it gives plenty of organised space and is hidden away from the eyes of your guests. The one ramification of installing freestanding vanity is it may leave discoloured scarring on your floor when you decide to dismantle your vanity. This is because a free-standing timber vanity is fixed onto your floor when installed.

Hera Bathware has a massive range of wall hung and freestanding timber vanities, which is a perfect option to reduce the clutter in the bathroom.  To know more about our wall hung and freestanding timber vanities in detail, please click here.

Timber Vanities Melbourne

Make timber vanity features of your bathroom with our attractive range of vanities. Hera Bathware has an extensive range of stylish vanities that match your bathroom size and style in Melbourne. Shop online through our website. We have the best customer service with timely response to all enquiries and fast dispatch on order in town!

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