Upgrade your bathroom with a chic and stylish vanity that will provide you with the perfect balance of form and function. From sleek modern designs to more traditional looks, this collection of 14 vanity options is sure to inspire your next bathroom makeover.

Wall-Mounted Vanities.

Wall-mounted vanities are perfect for small bathrooms where space is at a premium. These mount directly to the wall and feature storage shelves, drawers, and cabinets underneath. This style of vanity is both practical and unattached – meaning you can easily customise its look with a range of accessories and finishes. Whether you choose an open shelf design or one with cupboard doors, these wall-mounted vanities provide a place to store items while keeping the bathroom neat and tidy.

Wall-Mounted Mirrors.

When it comes to vanity mirrors, wall-mounted options are the way to go in a modern bathroom. Achieve a sleek look with long rectangular mirrors that sit directly above the sink. For an edgy, asymmetrical statement, opt for two round mirrors of different sizes. Or echo the shape of your vanity with square or oval mirror frames for a contemporary touch. Add some mood lighting by fitting ornamental sconces around the edges for extra glamour!

Custom Cabinets and Shelving.

Make the most of your modern bathroom space by utilizing custom cabinetry and shelving. If you are looking to store plenty of toiletries or beauty products, why not consider incorporating a full-length wall unit? Theme it with complementary colors or use bold prints and textures to bring life to the space. Open shelves also provide an interesting option that give off an airy illusion. Add backlighting for a unique look and practical accessibility!

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