In the heart of Melbourne's contemporary homes, the bathroom stands as a sanctuary of tranquility and style. As a Melbourne homeowner or renovator, the desire to infuse elegance and functionality into every inch of your space is understood, particularly when it comes to the centerpiece of your bathroom—the vanity.

The Briony and Curva 1800mm wall-hung vanities are not just furniture; they are a statement of luxury and practical design. Meticulously crafted for those with a discerning taste, these vanities encapsulate the essence of Melbourne's modern architectural elegance.

All-Drawers Model with Curved Feature Ends Both the Briony and Curva vanities boast an all-drawers model, but it's the curved feature ends that catch the eye, creating a sleek, flowing appearance that complements any bathroom layout.

Marble-look top shelf showcasing the spacious design of Melbourne's favorite 1800mm vanity.

Stacked Drawers: Versatile and Spacious Functionality meets finesse with stacked drawers that offer ample storage. The versatility of these drawers allows for organized and spacious compartments to store all your bathroom essentials.

Premium-Grade, Durable Timber Plywood Durability is key in bathroom furnishings. These vanities are constructed from premium-grade timber plywood, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your Melbourne home.

Sleek design of Curva wall-hung vanity with minimalist finger pull drawers in a Melbourne home.

Contemporary V-Groove in Matte White Polyurethane Finish The Briony vanity's contemporary V-groove design and matte white polyurethane finish echo Melbourne's affinity for minimalist and clean design language, adding a bright and airy feel to the bathroom.

Matte white finish and V-groove design of the luxurious Briony vanity for Melbourne homes.

Hettich Quadro S Full Extension, Soft Close Drawer Runners Experience the seamless operation with the German-engineered Hettich Quadro S full-extension, soft-close drawer runners. These are the hallmarks of quality, providing a silent and smooth closure every time.

Drawer Organisers Included Both vanities come with drawer organisers, a much-appreciated feature for those who value a well-ordered space.

Minimalist L-Rail Design Finger Pull Drawers To maintain a sleek facade, the minimalist L-rail design finger pull drawers eschew the need for external hardware, offering a streamlined look that's both sophisticated and user-friendly.

Premium Graphite Interior The premium graphite interior is not only practical but also adds a contrast that beautifully complements the external finish, a testament to the thoughtfulness put into every aspect of these vanities.


For the Melbourne resident seeking a bathroom centerpiece that embodies quality craftsmanship, the Briony and Curva 1800mm wall-hung vanities are unparalleled choices. Both models are available through Hera Bathware, a trusted name in bathroom luxury. Discover the Briony vanity here and the Curva vanity here, and imagine the transformation of your Melbourne bathroom into a space of elegance and sophistication.

For those in Melbourne looking for a blend of elegance, quality, and functionality, the 1800mm Briony and Curva wall-hung vanities stand out as the epitome of bathroom luxury. With their stylish design and superior construction, they offer a long-term investment into the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

April 13, 2024 — Charles Li