One of the best home improvement decisions one can make is to install towel rail in your bathroom, as they have now become an essential part of the bathroom. Bathroom towel rails should look good, while keeping your towels hanging neatly within the reach. Before you buy a perfectly new bathroom towel rail out of dozens of bathroom supplies, there are few things to consider which we have discussed to help you through the process.

What size of the towel rails should I use?

Most of the time the size of the towel rails will depend on the size of your bathroom. In general, towel rails come in standard sizes of 400, 600 and 800mm, which is more than enough to carry the average bath towel or sheet. Still, we provide options in creating them customized to fit any length. Be precise while choosing the size of the towel rails as you don’t want a towel rail that takes up an entire wall and gets in the way of plugs and switches. Also, choose accordingly based on the number of towels you might need to hang up at once and how many people will be using it.

Which finishes can I use for my towel rails?

Consider the style of towel rail which suits your bathroom which can be ultra-modern and contemporary or classic and timeless. We have a wide range of towel rails in a variety of colours including white, chrome, brushed nickel, brushed gold, bronze, gun metal, matte white, brushed bronze, graphite and matte black.

Providers of bathroom accessories in Melbourne like us can make up your towel rails in the same finish as your tapware. Still, if you haven’t decided the overall finish for your towel railing and tapware, polished chrome can be a good choice.

However, it is important to go for a quality polished chrome towel rail, as poor electroplating and a rough uneven surface which can be invisible to the naked eye and could result in your railings to develop limescale, rust and even cracking on a long run. This commonly happens if the manufacturer is careless to apply a thin chrome coat to a plastic or cheap metal base. 

But, polished chrome from trusted and quality manufacturers like us has a great shine with high resistance against scratching and corrosion which is important as you might hang up damp or wet towels on your rails.

Ensure to choose your perfect towel rail

Once you have decided the size, style and finishes for your bathroom towel rails, find something to suit your needs from our website with numerous ranges of traditional and modern designs.

Explore our range of stunning bathroom solutions and see how our towel rails look with the rest of our bathroom suites. Once you have browsed through our wide variety of towel rails, reach out to our helpful team with any questions for guidance. Upgrade your towel experience today by purchasing the towel rails with us!

July 21, 2022 — Hera Bathware