When planning a bathroom design scheme, lighting and mirrors are two elements that cannot be ignored. In light of the seemingly endless selection of lighting products and bathroom mirrors on the market, how would you start? Today, the use of glass and mirrors in interior design is very popular. However, the growing popularity of bathroom LED mirrors serves as both a beauty tool and a grooming aid for people. LED mirrors can be designed in a way that is more engaging. Unlike natural light, it provides a clear vision. In addition, LED mirrors are easier to view than other yellow lights. 

In this blog, we have summarized the benefits of installing bathroom LED mirrors, so that you can decide whether it's a worthwhile investment for your bathroom and also to see yourself in a better light:

1) Get a Clear View:

LED mirrors are incredibly flattering; they’re also great for making sure your make-up is flawless as they’ll easily show up anything amiss. The light from an LED mirror is perfect for plucking hair, shaving, and even identifying stray eyebrow hairs or leftover patches of beard hair.

2) Lighting and Demister:

The majority of the bathroom is located in the darkest section of the home. As a result, it lacks natural light. Bathroom LED mirrors help to brighten up that area. Even some LED mirrors have a touch-activated demister pad function. If these functions are not active, the touch switches are illuminated by low-energy LED lights, so that when you enter your bathroom in the dark, you can still see and operate them.

3) Healthier Light:

LED backlit bathroom mirrors can provide a similar quality of light to natural light. A high-quality LED mirror light is an excellent addition to any bathroom and provides a variety of options. With different colored bulbs, you can create a beautiful and unique atmosphere for your bathroom.

4) No Shadows:

When it comes to traditional mirrors and regular lighting fixtures in your bathroom, they create shadows, making it hard to see yourself fully illuminated. Whether you are shaving or applying makeup, shadows are a hindrance. On the other hand, a bathroom LED mirror illuminates your entire face with even lighting, which makes your activities more efficient.

5) Creates a spacious look:

Modern mirrors such as oval backlit mirrors are much thinner and take up less room in your bathroom than other styles. Because they are compact, they can be placed side by side, which is excellent for bathrooms that are shared by more people, and it gives the illusion of space.

6) Save Money:

High-quality bathroom LED mirrors can reduce your electricity bills and last up to fifty thousand hours; that is almost ten years when they're switched on. In addition, LED mirrors eliminate the need for extra light, & provide a clear view, thus reducing the impact of electricity costs.


With so many things to consider when planning and designing a bathroom, an illuminated mirror might make the lighting selection a little easier. 

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May 06, 2022 — Hera Bathware