If a bathroom faucet adopts the trim kit + wall body and has theft prevention features, it can be one of its selling points. Here are some potential selling points:

Theft prevention: By installing the core component (wall body) inside the wall, the risk of theft is reduced. This design enhances the security of the faucet, preventing easy disassembly or theft of its exterior parts.

Flexibility and customization: The trim kit + wall body sales model offers greater flexibility and customization possibilities. Consumers can choose different styles and designs of trim kits according to their preferences and combine them with compatible wall bodies to create a unique bathroom faucet.

Convenient maintenance and replacement: Fixing the wall body inside the wall makes maintenance and replacement more convenient. When repairs or replacements are needed, only the trim kit's exterior parts need to be removed, avoiding complex wall dismantling or repairs, saving time and cost.

Durability: As the wall body is typically located inside the wall, it provides additional protection, prolonging the lifespan of the bathroom faucet. This reduces the risk of exposed components being contaminated, damaged, or worn due to environmental factors, ensuring product durability.

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For further information on specific product selling points and advantages, it is recommended to contact relevant bathroom faucet suppliers or retailers who can provide detailed product descriptions and related information.

July 15, 2023 — Hera bathware