Baths are often overlooked because they’re typically not as glamorous as other parts of the house. Bathrooms seem incomplete without a few interesting and outstanding pieces and most of the homeowners acknowledge that vanity tops, bathroom countertops, or basins are focal points in every bathroom. Sinks are among the most used features of a bathroom, and therefore, it’s a crucial component to get right, both functionally & aesthetically.

As there are many choices, it is vital to select the one that ideally suits your bathroom. Here’s a complete guide on how to choose the right basin for your bathroom in 2022:

1Types of Bathroom Basins: Choosing the perfect bathroom basin can be a difficult task, given the range of choices on the market today. Few Types of Bathroom Basins (Sinks) are:

  • Countertop basins: These are the most commonly used type of basins and are suitable for most bench-top materials.
  • Under counter basins: These are perfect if there’s space and a solid surface bench-top in the bathroom.
  • Vessel basins: Vessel sinks that come in many shapes and styles look like curving bowl, square or rectangular making them ideal statement pieces
  • Pedestal basins: A pedestal sink design is perfect for masking pipework and works well for classical bathroom styles short floor space
  • Wall-mounted basins: These are attached directly to the wall and are ideal for smaller bathrooms

2) Size of the Bathroom: When choosing a basin design, consider the entire bathroom area, as the size of the basin should match the size of the rest of the bathroom fixtures and bathroom fixtures. As well as, visualizing the storage and counter space that you would need on either side of the basin will help you finalize the design.

3) Select the Right Material: Traditionally, bathroom washbasins are made from white porcelain, but nowadays, different materials are also available, such as ceramic, glass, resin, marble, and stone. Ready-made or modified solid surface materials, enameled cast iron sinks, glass, stones, metals, etc., can be shaped and formed to any size of the washbasin. In the list, wood sinks are the newest and most expensive alternative available.

4) Identify the Style You Want: Identifying the style of washbasin you need will add a royal touch to your bathroom. To do this, decide whether you want to use a traditional cup, a time pedestal, or a stylish glass tray, and always consider your budget when choosing your choice.

5) Appearance According to Interior: The style of the bathroom interiors should be considered when choosing a bathroom basin. Make sure you consider your priorities and whether you would like to go for a contemporary look or a functional look. For those who care less about style, the cheapest and most viable option is the best choice.


Once you have decided which bathroom basin to buy, you should certainly consider the best place to buy it, and also find a professional that can better guide you in regards to space management, style, and size of sinks suitable for you.

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January 27, 2022 — Digital Marketing