At present, we still spend a lot of time at home, and with that comes an increasing concern with how our spaces look and function. Basically, your bathroom is meant to be a retreat, regardless of its size, and to get your space refreshed this New Year, it is inevitably important to renovate your bathroom. Renovations of any kind are a challenge, but when it comes to the bathroom, which must be functional and serene, practical, and, ideally, a bit opulent, the stakes seem considerably higher. If you're thinking of giving your bathrooms a refresh this year, here are certain things you cannot ignore:

1) Neutral color palette:

Whether you prefer warm, earthy tones to a cool, modern scheme limited to neutrals and plain finishes, these bathroom ideas will completely transform your space. Choosing a color scheme for your bathroom is vital to creating the look, feel, and design you desire. With a beautiful neutral palette tone for your bathroom, you can lift your whole home's décor, bringing this functional space in harmony with the rest of your space.

2) Prefer a Classic design:

Creating a classic bathroom design is challenging, and with concepts constantly changing, the choices of products & finishes can leave you feeling overwhelmed. First starts with the function, then choose the elements, & later pick the finish that creates a cohesive look.

3) Choose high-quality products:

The durability and ease of maintenance of your bathroom are greatly enhanced by high-quality products. High-end bathroom fittings, including tapware, showers, and tubs, not only look great in the bathroom but also have excellent after-sale service with readily available spare parts. Budget-conscious homeowners should invest in the 'moving parts' of their bathrooms, as well as purchase products with universal fittings. You can also benefit further by choosing premium brands as they offer a range of innovative products and finishes that add years of durability to your bathroom.

Here are some high-quality products from Hera Bathware:

  • Vanities:

    Bathroom vanities bring a warm ambiance to your bathroom. Whether freestanding or wall hung, Hera Bathware has a perfect style and a massive range of vanities that are high-quality at highly affordable rates.
  • Toilets:

    For the best toilets, like rimless toilets, back to wall toilets, in-wall cistern toilets, etc., shop at Hera Bathware.
  • Bathtubs:

    Whether you are looking for a small bath, narrow bath, large bath, or deep bath, you can find all the suitable types, colors of bathtubs in Hera Bathware to create a traditional bathroom or a quality modern bathroom at an affordable price.
  • Showers:

    From a classic shower to a framed shower you have a wide range of options when choosing the right style for your shower from Hera Bathware at the most affordable option.
  • Basin:

    From Full Pedestal Basins, Wall Hung Basins, Countertop Basins, Washstand Basins, Corner Basins, Semi-Recessed Basins, circle, rectangle you get the best of high-quality products at affordable deals at Hera Bathware.


Now that you've made up your mind and you're ready to start remodeling the bathroom. For maximum return on your investment, it is crucial to design carefully based on your priorities, such as functionality, durability, ease of maintenance, and comfort.

February 11, 2022 — Hera Bathware