A bathroom-led mirror is all the rage in mirror design, giving new meaning to 'brightening' up a space. Designed to withstand high levels of moisture, humidity, and other bathroom conditions, these illuminated mirrors are meticulously built. In recent times, LED mirrors have become one of the hottest bathroom accessories. In contrast to regular mirrors, lighted mirrors produce light from within the mirror to provide a clear reflection of your face. However, their true appeal lies in their glamour and the ability to elevate interiors.

Benefits of Bathroom LED mirrors:

Here are our top benefits to owning a bathroom-led mirror:

1) Quality Lighting: The lights in backlit mirrors are of the highest quality to give you a perfect glow that is pure, flawless, and widespread. 

2) Style: They add an air of elegance, sophistication, modernity, boldness, or minimalism, depending on your preferences.

3) Size: Bathroom LED mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Newer models are slimmer to accommodate additional features and also create the illusion of space.

4) Anti-Fog: Most illuminated mirrors have anti-fog built-in, which allows for faster de-mystification. As a result, your mirror will always be free of fog when you look in it.

5) Additional Storage Space: The lighted mirrors can also come in the form of a cabinet in addition to being a standard mirror.

Types of LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Lighting choices can differ.  It is true that an LED bathroom mirror can be as simple as a mirrored glass with lighting; however, their designs are far more versatile. Let's take a quick look at some of the most popular types of lighted bathroom mirrors.

  1. LED Backlit Mirrors: Also known as ‘rear glow mirrors’, these mirrors are fitted with LED lights on the back, creating a beautiful halo effect around them.
  2. LED Frontlit Mirrors: An advantage of a front-lit mirror is that it eliminates shadows on the face, which can make self-grooming quite difficult. They are equipped with LED strips along two/four sides of the mirror or along the edges of the glass, so they are ideal for use in bathrooms and bedrooms.
  3. LED Illuminated Mirror Cabinets: These illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are for those who want more functionality while not compromising on style.
  4. Magnifying LED Bathroom Mirrors: While shaving or applying makeup in the morning, certain areas can be more difficult to see than others. Having a magnifying LED bathroom mirror can assist you better.
  5. Steam-Free LED Bathroom Mirrors: A steam-free (or demister) bathroom mirror prevents condensation from forming on the mirror, so no matter how hot your bath or shower is, you'll always step out to a clear mirror. 
  6. LED Bathroom Mirrors with Shaver Sockets: You no longer need an electrician to put in a separate socket in your wall for your razor if you need one. It can simply be plugged into your mirror.


A LED bathroom mirror has a special glow & no matter where you choose to place them, lighted mirrors offer a number of opportunities for making your home more attractive and functional.

Are you considering an LED mirror for your bathroom? Hera Bathware offers a variety of LED bathroom mirrors that are not only functional but also beautiful and of high quality.
June 08, 2022 — Hera Bathware