Whether you are looking for an entire redesign or simply refreshing your bathroom, investing in new tapware is a great way to instantly transform a space. Other than serving their basic function of providing water for washing and rinsing, taps for bathrooms need to look good and suit your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

What should you look for in tapware? Knowing the shapes, finishes and designs to suit your space can be a little tricky. Here are top three considerations which would help you for choosing tapware before your next purchase.

Pairing tapware with basin/bathtub or shower

One of the important things to consider is by choosing the tapware with the size and style that’s best for your basin/bathtub or shower types. 

Bathroom basin tapware is available as wall-mounted and top-mounted taps. Top-mounted taps are becoming a popular choice with a huge variety of styles, including three-piece tap sets, mixers and pillar taps; whereas wall-mounted tapware is mounted to the wall creating more space around the basin and gaining popularity with its sleek and modern designs.

  1. a) Basin tap styles

Three-piece tapware – A traditional tapware featuring hot and cold tap with a separate spout. 

Basin mixer – Has single mixing lever for hot and cold water flow and suitable for single-hole basins

Pillar taps – A traditional style tapware featuring two separate faucets for hot and cold water and suitable for two-hole basins

While making the choice consider the depth of the basin; holes needed on the basin or wall for the chosen tap; a style that gives you enough space around the basin and keep in mind that while renovating or replacing old taps you will need to stick on the same set-up.

  1. b) Shower and bath tap styles

Mixer tap – Features a spout with a single handle controlling the water temperature and flow

Three-piece tap – Features one spout accompanied by separate hot and cold taps

Bath/Shower diverter mixers – Using a single mixer tap along a diverter allows the water flow to switch between a showerhead and bath spout combination or two showerheads

Freestanding mixers – A popular contemporary design featuring a minimalist bath tap that rises from the floor

While making the choice consider things such as water pressure and diverter for shower/bath combo.

Materials, Colouhrs and Finishes

There are a wide range of materials to choose from when considering the colour and finish which includes stainless steel, brass, chrome and coated finishes such as brushed metals and matte black.

Here are some suggestions for specific styles of bathrooms:

Monochromatic, industrial - A coated finish such as matte black, nickel or brushed gold

Modern, contemporary or sophisticated - A gleaming design in stainless steel, chrome, matte black, brushed metallic or other bright colours

Traditional, country or heritage - Brass, chrome or gold finish

Stick on consistency

The final tip to consider is to ensure that your basin, bath and shower tapware coordinates well. Check the shape and design of your tapware which could be smooth, curved or angular to suit along with your other bathroom fixtures. Consistency is the key to creating a cohesive look and feel in the bathroom. 

Still looking for some extra guidance in choosing tapware for your bathrooms? Team at Hera Bathware are happy to assist! Contact us and tell us about your plans for a new bathroom design!

July 08, 2022 — Hera Bathware