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Concrete Studio - Proudly Australian Made


GFRC is a completely different material from solid cast concrete. By purely focussing on this material we are able to create the following sustainability advantages while maintaining the extraordinary organic warmth of solid concrete.

Thinner - GFRC is cast to no more than 30mm wall thickness, resulting in a substantial reduction in the volume of material being used.

Lighter - thinner means lighter weight: easier to pack and more efficient to ship.

No steel - so none of the mining and forging required for rebar. Our reinforcing (from fibres) means the concrete can be post-consumer recycled back to aggregates.

Efficient - we mix exactly what is required so there is little to no excess concrete waste going to landfill.

Over the years we have consistently found ways to reduce the volume of waste being produced by our factory:

  • reduction in polystyrene foam core concrete by 90%
  • use of reusable silicone moulds wherever possible
  • casting beds and materials that can be used multiple times or be repurposed into other items