Bathroom Design

Successful bathroom designs balance aesthetics and functionality to deliver a comfortable experience that matches the tastes and preferences of users. No matter how complex or basic a design is, a harmonious and consistent visual style will make it stand out. With tastes and trends changing at a fast pace, flexibility is essential when constructing a modern bathroom.

Modern bathroom design can take on many meanings.

Some users prefer a classic, all-white look with traditional fixtures and finishes, whereas others will gravitate to an ultra-modern aesthetic with metallic surfaces and glossy tiles. Wood and concrete tones are appearing in contemporary designs to bring warmth and character, while others are incorporating pops of bold colours to convey a playful or whimsical personality. It naturally follows that customers place great importance on having taps, baths, and showers that are aesthetically on-trend, visually harmonious and functional. Because of this, the design process in general and selecting the right finish can both take longer than expected. With the wide array of styles to choose from, having a robust palette of materials, textures and finishes at your disposal is essential to match the aesthetic preferences of every client.

New Releasing Universal Bodies

Universal in-wall bodies allow builders and customers to select the right fittings even after the tilers have finished thereby increasing the chances of delivering a successful bathroom design. Below we consider the importance of design flexibility, and why universal in-wall bodies are an essential tool for your next bathroom build. I

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