For more than 75 years, the brands of GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens - Caroma, Fowler, Stylus and Dorf - have been an integral part of Australian life. As a wholly owned subsidiary of GWA International Limited, our Brisbane-based, Australian-managed company has a diverse range of interests in the building products industry and related companies.



Our reputation for innovative thinking dates back to our founding fathers. In 1837, Fowler began manufacturing sanitaryware, and in 1948, Keith Hooper established Dorf by creatively rearranging the letters of Henry Ford's name. Caroma, founded in 1941 by Charles Rothauser and his wife Roma, developed the first one-piece plastic cistern, and later introduced the world's first dual flush toilet in 1980, which has since saved millions of liters of water each year. Caroma and Dorf remain some of Australia's most recognizable brands and continue to provide innovative solutions for everyday Australians and professionals alike.


Our Research & Development team, led by Dr. Steve Cummings, is globally recognized for its water-saving achievements. Our products have saved billions of liters of potable water over the years, and as the leading manufacturer of Australian bathroom products, we have always made sustainability the focus of product performance. We have pioneered industry firsts, such as the commercialized dual flush button system, the 6/3 liter dual flush cistern, and the 4.5/3 liter dual flush cistern with Smartflush® technology, as well as achieving industry first WELS 5 star and 6 star ratings for toilet suites and urinals, respectively.


Today, our Research & Development team is dedicated to continuing our reputation for innovation with a focus on developing the latest water-saving technology. We design and build our products to respond to society's changing needs and the increasing desire for efficiency and environmental consciousness. Our products meet relevant Australian Standards, WELS certification, and Codes of Practice for new build and retrofit applications.


Above all, our bathroom and kitchen products need to be desirable, practical, and functional. At GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens, we are committed to leading the way in developing groundbreaking industry innovations to ensure we continue to provide these benefits to the Australian people for years to come.

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