In the past, heated towel rails were only available in high-end hotels, but today's game-changing technology has made them more affordable for everyday consumers. Modern heated towel rails are energy-efficient, and they produce an impressive amount of heat considering their size. Using a quality towel warmer allows you to extend the luxurious experience of a hot shower or bath and dries your towels faster for a mildew-free result. The heating properties of large towel warmers are similar to those of space heaters or radiant flooring. 

In this blog, we have compiled a list of benefits of having a heated towel rail in your bathroom:

1) Warmer towels and bathrooms:

A heated towel rail does more than warm your towels; it also heats the air in the bathroom. There's nothing better than climbing out of the shower and snuggling into a warm, dry towel. A bonus is that it keeps you and your surroundings warm for longer.

2) Better Towel Storage:

Heated towel rails are a great space-saving option, as they can double as a bathroom radiator and towel holder. There is no doubt that conventional bathroom radiators are bulky and take up more space on the floor. Adding a towel rail to your wall is a great way to free up valuable space in your bathroom.

3) Reduce Electricity Costs:

Latest heated towel rails use automatic heating technology, an intelligent, convenient, and energy-efficient method of heating bathroom rails. Whatever the weather, from the depth of winter to the height of summer, you can rest assured, knowing that, whichever heated towel rail you choose, you will benefit from the accompanying benefits as well as enjoy the soft comfort of a warm bath towel.

4) Convenient:

Heating towel rails are an efficient way to make your home more energy-efficient. A towel rail is an excellent idea for bathrooms where constantly high temperatures are not needed. In addition to reducing mildew, heated towel rails provide soft ambient warmth in your bathroom, which reduces humid conditions that can encourage mold growth.

5) Bathroom Hygiene:

Towel warmers are not only useful in humid climates and cold weather, but they also keep your bathroom hygienic as dry towels do not allow moisture to breed bacteria and mold. In addition, towel rails help you conserve water and energy because your towels will dry directly on the rail - as a result, you won't have to wash them as often, which means you'll save money on an energy-guzzling tumble dryer.

6) Decorative feature:

Modern heated towel rails come in a wide array of colors and finishes to match your home's style. A range of paneled, horizontal, or ladder-style designs is also available for a contemporary look.

Closing Thoughts:

There is a tremendous demand for heated towel rails. Globally, the market for these devices is growing more rapidly than hotels and spas, and they are also becoming more common in homes, mudrooms, gyms, pool houses, and smart bathrooms.

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March 25, 2022 — Hera Bathware