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Louis Marco

Arnold Rimless Wall Faced Gloss White Toilet Suite

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  • Arnold Rimless flush in the wall toilet kit is able to perfectly integrate with the designer dream. The surface of this toilet is glossy, tidy and saves space. The toilet can accommodate any bathroom and retain a spacious appearance and style.
  • Hera Arnold toilet kit is a modern design and advanced toilet, characterized by the use of rimless flush design, high temperature calcination, multilayer and nano glaze, the powerful flushing function while also achieving the purpose of saving water. This toilet is equipped with a soft closing seat. The surface material is very easy to clean, which reduces the growth of bacteria.

    Toilet Type: Rimless Toilet


     This product has been displayed in our Campbellfield showroom located in Melbourne Victoria.

    • Rimless Toilet
    • Features
    • Specification
    • Warranty

    A rimless toilet is one that lacks the rim from which water would ordinarily flow in a traditional toilet. 

    A rimless toilet has a flushing system that directs water towards the edge and around the toilet bowl, ensuring that no spots are missed.

    • Nano Glazed Bowl - perfect smoothness & bacterial proof
    • Rimless Technology - Open design of the rim, innovative and powerful flush
    • Soft Close Seat - the seat closes gently onto the bowl - no more unpleasant bangs
    • Quick Release Seat - the seat can be removed and reattached in an instant and make cleaning areas
    • Manufactured to Australian Standards, WaterMark Certified
    • Toilet Pan Size: Depth 640 * Height 410* Width 360mm
    • Toilet Tank Size: Depth 140 * Height 425 * Width 360mm
    • Whole Toilet Suite Size: Depth 640 * Height 835 * Width 360mm
    • P-Trap: Center Height: 180mm; Distance: 185mm
    • S-Trap: From the Wall: 150-255mm
    • Toilet Seat: Depth 450* Width 360 * Height 11mm
    • WELS & WATERMARK approved
    • WELS Licence Number: 1806
    • WELS Water rating: 3.5 star
    • 4.5L per full flush
    • 3L per half flush
    • 3.5L per average flush
    • 10-year replacement product or parts on vitreous china
    • 3-year replacement or parts on the cistern
    • 12 months replacement or parts on seat

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