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Find the perfect style and innovative selection of wall mounted vanity units for your bathroom from Hera Bathware, the best place to shop for your bathroom furniture and accessories in Australia. Made from the highest quality and priced reasonably. We have a large range of wall-hung vanities that suits everyone’s taste. Wall hung vanity is one of the alternative solutions for your bathroom to make luxury. 

Distinct Features

Wall hung vanities; its name indicates that it is attached directly to the wall instead of standing on the floor. Wall-hung vanities are marketed under many different names such as floating vanity, raised vanity, wall mounted vanity. Despite that, they all have the same features and advantages. 

One of the pros of installing wall hung vanities is the space beneath the vanity. In addition to the number of cupboards and multiple drawers’ combinations that come with it, it offers an innovative space at the bottom of the furniture. In addition, space underneath your vanity benefits a small bathroom. Space can be used to store bathroom scales, laundry baskets, or used to store large items that cannot fit into a drawer. Lastly, wall hung vanities give a larger visual appearance to your bathroom. 

Choice of Sizes and Styles

Hera Bathware brings a wide range of wall hung vanity with a variety of sizes and styles to transform your bathroom with an aesthetic look. Firstly, the standard sizes are 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm. Size is more important when you are choosing. Before shopping for your vanities, measure the space your bathroom can accommodate and this helps people to choose the appropriate vanities from our different size ranges.

Secondly, you will find many options wall hung vanities with different varieties of style including colour in our showroom. There is a range of finishes to choose from for each wall hung vanity, such as glossy, concrete, and timber. Try something different with our range of stylish vanities to match all bathroom sizes and styles.

The reason for choosing

Wall hung vanity is a good option to reduce the clutter in the bathroom. This is the perfect solution for everyone, especially small bathroom owners. If you are looking at adding some much-needed storage to your bathroom, no further than wall-hung vanities. This is a great way to add good-looking storage to your bathroom. 

Moreover, the feature of soft-closing drawers, which allow you to close silently and smoothly at all times. Noises will not occur even when it is slammed shut. This premium feature can be found in Hera Bathware’s wall hung vanities. Also, you can get alternative vanity tops in our storeroom in different sizes. These tops offer timeless beauty, durability, and easy maintenance. These durable surface tops are resistant to stains and are not affected by wet environments.

Advantages of Wall-Hung Vanities

The idea of hanging on a wall hung vanity is intriguing, but here you can get some ideas about the advantages of this option. 

  1. Proffer innovative storage space

Wall-hung vanity is placed higher than your bathroom floor. This provides storage space inside the bathroom. The distance between vanity and the floor, also handy for storing a relatively smooth bathroom, is absolutely important which won’t be physically damaged by being stored on the floor.

  1. It offers flexibility

When vanity takes a large surface area, the wall hung vanity does not require more space as it is not attached to the floor. This offers more flexibility as it can be positioned and adjusted to any height. Therefore, it is more convenient for people of any height to use the vanity. Also, you can relax and it is more convenient. 

  1. Protect from your wet floor

Wall hung vanities are raised above your bathroom floor. You will have less anxiety about your cabinet becoming worse from water on the ground. This can lead to a longer lifespan than you thought.

Buy Wall Hung Vanities Online and Offline

Buy wall hung vanities with Hera Bathware with our secure payment option. Still, if you can’t decide the right choice of your bathroom, we are happy to help you. Please contact our friendly staff for options, pricing, and lead time.

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