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Hera Bathware has all the essential accessories for your home kitchen and bathroom. Find the perfect design selection of stainless steel sink for your kitchen from Hera Bathware, the best place to shop for your home furniture and accessories in Australia. You can choose a single bowl, double bowl, under-mounted, and top-mounted sinks according to your kitchen space and functionality. Besides that, we have a wide range of laundry cabinets that come with stainless steel sinks. Our selling items are lower than retail price from the market while remaining the highest quality and priced reasonably. Stainless steel sink is one of the alternative solutions for your kitchen to keep clean and hygienic.

Quality Stainless Steel Sink

  • 304 -Grade

Grade-304 is exemplified as the best quality stainless steel sink. This grade means that the steel is made up of 18% chromium, 8% nickel, and at least 50% of iron. These elements have the power to counteract corrosion and oxidation.

  • Non-stick oil pollution

This feature also reflects the quality of the stainless steel sink. With this coated non-stick oil pollution, greasy food will not stick to the surface of the sink. So, you do not need to spend time scrubbing and wiping your sink after washing your dishes. Maintaining the beautiful appearance of your sink has never been easier.

  • Anti-condensation

When the sink is full of water or any cold items, condensation may occur on the outer layer of the sink. After a long period, this condensation could be a major issue for many cabinets, especially wooden cabinets. Problems like swelling and deforming of cabinets will not happen with anti condensation features. With such features found on stainless steel sinks, the quality of your cabinets, and items placed below the sink will be safe from rusting.

  • Deadening pad

Sometimes, doing the dishes can be noisy. With these deadening pads, it will help to reduce the noise by eliminating the vibration that occurs in the sink. Now, you can do the dishes chores in the middle of the night, without worrying to wake anyone up.

Laundry Cabinets with Sinks

Installing a laundry cabinet with stainless sink steel is a life hack! At times, we may need to soak or hand wash our clothes before tossing them into the washing machine. Having a laundry cabinet with a sink makes laundry chores easier and convenient. To soak your laundry, just fill up the sink instead of using a bucket of water to soak your clothes. You do not need to worry about rusting because at Hera Bathware our sinks are all made with 304-grade steel.

Now, many do not see the point of installing a laundry cabinet with a sink because the home already has existing basins. To minimise the risk of infection, we should always keep all basin usage separately. For example, the kitchen sink is strictly food-related and the bathroom sink is for our oral and face hygiene. So, having a laundry cabinet for laundry is the right call to keep you and your loved ones clean and healthy.

Choice of Sizes and Design for Kitchen Sink

Hera Bathware brings stainless steel sinks with a variety of sizes and styles to transform your kitchen with an aesthetic look. Size is more important when you are choosing. Firstly, the standard sizes are 450*450*250mm Single Bowl, 500*450*250mm Single Bowl, 550*450*250mm Single Bowl, 600*450*250mm Single Bowl, 700*450*250mm Single Bowl, 750*450*250mm Double Bowl, 770*450*250mm Double Bowl, 850*450*250mm Double Bowl. The thickness is 1.2mm and the volume is 250mm.

Also, our stainless steel sink has an R-angle design and an X-diversion design that helps to expel water immediately without saving water in the top corner and bottom corner. The R-angle design effectively prevents smooth curved corners from getting dirty. The sink dries fast and quickly water flows through the X-line to avoid water stagnation as it has four diversion lines in the shape of X at the bottom of the sink.

Hera Bathware has a stainless steel sink with distinctive features to make your kitchen a better tidy appearance.

Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel Sink? 

The stainless steel sink, which can be the best option when it comes to building or renovating your kitchen and laundry room. For several years, these stainless steel sinks have been manipulated for different uses. For example, in industrial, architectural, and residential applications.

The stainless steel sink surface is not affected by hard scrubs and the stained liquids retain its color, making it a durable model for long-term use. These durable surface sinks are resistant to stains and are not affected by wet environments. In addition, its surface is easy to clean as it does not allow harmful bacteria to stay for a long time. Thus, protecting it from being damaged in the short term.

Moreover, stainless steel sink costs are noticeably low with other materials. While the cost of this sink depends on its thickness. But you can save your money for the long term as its durability.

Stainless Steel Sink in Australia

Above mentioned premium features can be found in Hera Bathware inventory at the best price. Hera Bathware has a massive size range of stainless steel sinks in Australia. Our Hera Bathware products hold a separate unique place among consumers by the quality and service. Our team will take care of your dream turn into reality.

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